Interior Design with Annysa Lamantia: Atlanta

As a leading interior designer within her sphere and a world traveler by trade, Annysa Lamantia is currently shaping the world through her combining of the identity of her clients, with the decor of their spaces. On this day, the first time we worked together, she told me something that stuck with me throughout the entire night. She said "I don't just pick things for people and put it places. I get to know them and I take who they are with me and from there, I place the pieces that they'll identify with in their home so wherever they go in their home, they'll see parts of themselves." I was inspired that day, inspired by the magnitude of her work and in such detail she carries it out. I eagerly await the world she'll create for me and my family's home when the time comes. 

"It's more than just putting furniture in a house" -Annysa Lamantia