Three Mavericks Take LA: The First Chapter

It all started over coffee. Leah and I met at the world famous Blue Bottle Cafe in West Hollywood. It was a week after we completed our first photoshoot together on Melrose Pl and we both had new ideas to discuss for the future. After an espresso, or four, we managed to dream up worlds and scenarios of the many stories that could be told through the combination of a true model, a philosophical photographer, and a make-up artists who could paint colors like art work. The idea was that together, all these pieces, combined with a story, would be able to bring another layer to the industry as it stands. So, the three Mavericks, Leah, Alix, and I, set out on our first quest together.

This first photoshoot had two parts. The first part was a very strong set of images to reflect the make up that Alix did. Her choice was the color yellow, and my job was to make that color sing to the heavens. Confidently, I can say I captured that and did so very well. Those beauty images however will only be released in print. The second part was to capture this beautiful look that Alix created in a casual and real life manner. We decided to go from one seat after another with Leah modeling a modern LA fall look beautifully. We were seeking to set one lifestyle image after another. Those, we confidently release to you today.