Building The Restaurant Business: Brett

In a day and time when so many are looking for more ways to blend in, Brett has succeeded finding more ways to stand out. At his company Misfit Media Inc. he and his team work together building a new path forward for restaurants today while yielding some amazing results. When we were discussing the genius of it all over coffee at Blue Bottle, Brett explained

“It’s all about ROI. My goal is to get my clients profitable returns on their investments with us and prove these results.”

and that amazed me. From the core, the goal wasn’t just to fulfill sales goals, but to ensure the companies that are able to become clients are getting more value out of the collaborative efforts. As we continued speaking and the coffee disappeared, I began asking about simple business tactics or tips that he has learned along the way. Here are a few he mentioned that I believe carried the most weight:

  • Find your Niche.

  • Read, as much as you can, as often as you can.

  • Consistency is key!

The photographs I took of Brett we’re different than the ones I’ve taken before here. This time, I went ahead and I used an 85mm lens and I made sure to take full advantage of the natural light that God graced us with that day. I wanted these images to be a bit more personal. With Brett, it’s not about the fashion, the glamour, or the image so to speak. For him, it’s about the connection, the honesty, the giving, the relationship and so I decided the photographs should match that. Not the usual nine images, just a very honest three.