A Whole Lot of Talent With a Dash of Matcha: Ebonique

My very first week in Los Angeles, I met Ebonique at the Alfred Cafe on Melrose Pl. What started out as just talking about Louis Vuitton and the Supreme Collaboration turned into a blueprint on which restaurants to go to, where to get good matcha, and a recommendation to head to the Bumble Pop-Up shop (This place turned out to be one of the most beneficial spaces for me and my career here in Los Angeles). It's been months of knowing Ebonique now and a few things are very clear. First, that she is extremely talented! She has performed her music on stages all over LA, She's DJ'd events, and most recently, she has been filming for an upcoming movie (I can't tell you guys, her instagram can though!). Second, she takes her matcha very seriously! Popeye has his spinach, Ebonique has her matcha. This shoot was no different.

"Have Joy in all you do, and all you do will be blessed"