Fit For The Future: Eddie

I showed up to Santa Monica early in the morning to meet Eddie for our photography session. It was a great experience for me during my walk to the location. In my getting lost, I got a chance to photograph some really great landmarks, architecture, and see parts of Santa Monica I didn't know existed. When I got to the school where we would be doing the session, Eddie was already working out and preparing for the moment to come. From the beginning of the conversation it was apparent that he was excited and ready to get to work, but that excitement never shifted his intense demeanor. He talked to me about the goals he had to start his career as a model, his physique, and throughout the photography session, he would absorb everything I told him and I would watch his vision and mine reflect back toward me in the camera. It was a great moment, stepping stone, and building block to what will more than likely be a very good career as a model and talent here in California for Eddie. I am happy I can be apart of the process.

"Isaiah 55 is like God's Business Card"