Spotlight's on You Kid: Jaelyn!

I was running late to work when I came across Jaelyn on Hollywood Blvd. I knew from just seeing her that she had that legendary "IT" factor that made the 90's such a golden era. She had the height to do runway, the frame to adorn high fashion garments, and a look that didn't reflect anything else on the market but simultaneously everything on the market. Her portfolio and her career up to now has been managed by her mother who herself has such an eye for fashion, design, tradition, and photography. Jaelyn has been scouted by some of the most elite modeling agencies in the world, is going to study fashion design in New York, and it was a great pleasure being able to photograph her before she truly begins her journey. There will be more to come, from both of us. 

"A model brings life to a photograph. They bring life to a runway. They breathe and fashion lives"