In The Alleys of Hollywood: Amanda

I'm not sure how many do, but I spend a lot of time walking around my city. I don't bike, don't really Uber unless it's work related, and the rest of public transportation is cool but I don't really get to experience or see what the city has to offer otherwise. I go down streets that look interesting and allow myself time to get lost, and photograph things along the way. It's so much more fun that way. I've found a set of alleys that I've fallen for because they have these walls that are colorful to say the least. Bleach white. A yellow that reminds me of Spain. Blues, Reds, even Greens, and Nude tones. Quite a few of the photographs I take will be in these areas for right now. I owe a huge thank you to Amanda for helping me to capture these moments. She moved so fluid between frames, it was almost like the ticking of the second hand on a clock as the shutter and I tried to keep up. 

"You don't know, what you won't explore"