From One Artist to Another: Desanka!

After speaking briefly about artistry, concepts, and careers, It was the next step to photograph. While engaging in this photoshoot however, I'm replaying our conversations and what I'm thinking is how do I capture a person who has collectively achieved with her partner and love, in isolation? He was present during the photoshoot, amazing guy, extremely witty, but with the lens solely focused on her, how could I capture what to me was a pure and moving example of companionship (and arguably the best taste in food I promise you)? What I realized was I looked at it completely wrong. When you photograph a person, you never photograph them in parts nor do you photograph them in isolation, you photograph them whole and completely themselves, made up of every experience and relationship that has lead to that moment. Like artistry in itself. You don't create a piece of yourself. Each piece created takes all of you. Each photograph takes all of you. In the case of Desanka, each song, takes all of you. 

"Nothing great happens in isolation. Everything exists in connection with everything else"