A Designer's Touch: Stephanie Vitello

Being here in Los Angeles has been a wonderful journey. The first mainstay of mine was the Alfred Coffee Shop on Melrose Place, and here I met Stephanie. Through casual conversation, we set in motion a plan for a photoshoot that manifested some time later. As a fashion design student at the illustrious FIDM, Stephanie's particular style and identity began to form. "Simple Silhouettes, and very good quality Denim" she tells me. "That's what my line will be about, especially the very good quality denim. That's a must." I understood her vision from analyzing her out fit choice for our shoot. YSL and Cartier accessories, married to a black blouse and jeans that accent her shape. It was a joy to work with her, and to capture her so early on in her journey as a Fashion Designer. You can find her on instagram at @Stephanievitello and witness her journey for yourself. 

"Design is done best by those with air of simplicity because they understand form and function"