The 3 Month Image Expansion Program

This program has been carefully designed to bring you every advantage to elevate and expand your image in addition to increasing the impact of your influence. With the digital landscape as it is today, more and more people are pursuing passions and utilizing social outlets to build new lives as entrepreneurs. What started out as Eden, has now become a battle ground for engagement riddled with loopholes, algorithm traps, and a lack of strategy on how to bring the most value out of every platform. This program breaks-down your image through the S.O.U.L. system while providing you with services to implement strategy in real time. With the S.O.U.L. system, our team of experts, meetings with fellow members, and the services provided, you'll have everything you need to expand!


Standard Level (Breakdown For Each Month)

The Standard Level of the program: $500

  • 4 Looks (Digital)

  • 1 Look (Film)

  • No Time Constraints

  • 1 Full-Size print per look 


Professional Level (Breakdown Shown For Each month)

The Professional Level of the program: $1,250

  • 6 Looks (Digital)

  • 2 Looks (Film)

  • No Time Constraints

  • Make-Up Artist 

  • 2 Full-Size prints per look 

  • PR Consultation 

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Superior Level (breakdown shown for each month)

The Superior Level of the program: $5,000

  • 10 Looks (Digital)
  • 3 Looks Film (Medium Format)
  • No Time Constraints
  • 2 Full Size prints per look
  • Make-Up Artist
  • BTS video
  • PR consultation
  • SEO consultation