Do All Photo Shoots require a consultation?

Yes! All bookings of services require a consultation to ensure that all parties are aware and in agreement of the goals to be achieved and the details of how they shall be achieved. 

Is the magazine available on digital platforms as well?

No. The magazine only comes in a print format and due to the focus on tangible artistry, there will not be a digital edition of the magazine. Quarterly issues will be able to be purchased exclusively through this website and through our retail partners in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City. 

Do you provide video services?

No. I do not provide video services, however, I do work closely with a set videographer who can be contacted for work as well. 


How do I gain access to the  subscription Service for models?

The subscription service is by direct invitation only. Members are invited by Ralph Collins based on outstanding merit, depth of execution, and diversity of experience. If you've received any "invitation" for the services from anyone other than Ralph Collins please notify us immediately and report it as spam.

How can I become a Member of the Great Creators?

Applications for The Great Creators Membership are made available at the first Monday of a new Quarter and comes with a week long vetting process. Meet-up attendance is open and is as scheduled. 

What Is the Turn Around Time FOR FINISHED WORK?

Results may vary based on size of photo shoot and the expected amount of collateral that has been requested along with finished images. For Standard bookings, 3-5 business days is expected with expedited options available.