Supermodel: Cindy Crawford


Widely regarded as having one of the most signature looks with her beauty mark just above her lip, Cindy Crawford makes her appearance this Sunday on the Supermodel Sunday list! At one point in the 90's, Cindy Crawford was the highest paid model on the planet and it isn't too hard to understand why. She had a girl next door look naturally that made her great for commercial work, a body that captivated in whatever she wore, and a glide on runways that made her a must book; Cindy Crawford had it all!

As a descendant of King Charlemagne, seriously, it's to be expected that Cindy Crawford would have at the very least a touch Of greatness bestowed upon her. What started out as a prank by two kids in high school, modeling found Cindy at a fairly early age. By the time she was 17, Elite Modeling Agency had signed Cindy after her runners up position in the Elle Magazine Look of The Year Contest. This however never stopped her from academic excellence. Cindy graduated valedictorian of her school and received academic scholarships to study Chemical Engineering in college. 


It was here, during the 80's and 90's that we see Cindy's stardom start to take shape. At this time, she appeared on every magazine you can imagine, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Allure, W, Elle, and the list goes on. A partial count reveals that she was adorned on a staggering 500 different appearances which to this day is a feat becoming more and more out of reach. As with the other legends on her time, Cindy Crawford appeared in Fashion Campaigns for the great houses of the industry, was requested to walk in runway shows for everyone from Versace and Channel to Calvin Klein and Valentino. Along with her high fashion work, there was the infamous Pepsi ad that pushed the company into the faces of millions allowing some critics of the time to say "Cindy Crawford gave Pepsi the people. Before her they were just soda". According to Michael Kors "Cindy changed the perception of the sexy American girl from the blue-eyed blonde to a more sultry, brunette with brains charm and professionalism to spare" 

After her modeling career, Cindy launched a beauty line and has a current furniture collection that embodies her sense of style and subtlety. She heads various humanitarian groups and is a major activist in the fight against cancer and the protection of our wildlife. If you're looking for Cindy Crawford these days, it'll be in pure mom mode celebrating the modeling careers of her two children Presley Walker and Kaia Gerber. This NYFW marks a big week because it's Kaia debut on the catwalk! Congratulations!


Supermodel: Elle Macpherson

Supermodel: Elle Macpherson

When it comes to the title of "supermodel", there are very few who embody it as completely as Elle Macpherson. From her record breaking Sports Illustrated covers, Elle Magazine covers, runway appearances, campaign bookings, to her successful fashion businesses and executive producing television shows and the list goes on. Elle Macpherson didn't just triumph in what many consider the "golden age" of fashion modeling, but she transcended that time period beautifully and is now a shining example for models today.

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What I'm Reading: James Baldwin


There was a point where I was asked to lead a book club full of Georgia Tech students, a few Artists, an Engineer from Google, and a few Authors. I'm listing those professions so you'll understand why I was very apprehensive to accept that position especially when I've never engaged in such a way before. After a few more strong suggestions by the creator of the book club I agreed and we began with a reading from James Baldwin. 


Before this, I've heard his name mentioned around certain art circles but I knew nothing of this man. James Baldwin was an American writer and social critic who had the most sober view of the state of his being in such a world like this United States of America.  As a gay, black male, and artist in America, he was faced daily with situations that provoked his need to understand and then portray with certainty his beliefs and how best to govern his life. 

The work that I've revisited of his centers around "The Precise Role of The Artist". Here, Baldwin proposes that it is the artist who's responsible for the direction of human existence and because of this, they have a responsibility to be as brutally honest as possible; calling the artist the "incorrigible disturber of peace" for their need to honestly depict the status of the people. Baldwin also asserts here that the artists roll in society is more important than a politicians but should never be considered in the same way because they are their own "test tube" and therefore can see what is unseen to depict the fantasy of reality. 


If the time permits, I encourage you to read some of James Baldwin's work. Where you may not agree with every word written, you will still find his ideas provoking your thoughts, and inspiring your paradigms to shift in the most beautiful of ways.  

I've included the work I'm reading below. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! 


Travels: Nashville's Three Brothers Coffee


I'll be the first person to tell you, when I heard of my client needing me to go to Nashville to shoot content I wasn't sure what to expect. I've never been to Nashville, and I've never heard stories of anyone who has gone who wanted to go back. I started to use the magic of google and try and get a good grip on where I was heading next.

Day 1 in Nashville was a a beautiful disaster. I couldn't sleep in my hotel, my brunch partner fell sick, and I was without destination, breakfast, or coffee. I wanted to just curl up in a ball but seeing as though it was the day of the shoot that wasn't an option so saner heads prevailed. I asked Siri "best coffee shop in Nashville" and she directed me to google (thanks...) and then google directed me to Three Brothers Coffee. I decided why not make an adventure of the day and explore the "Music City".


I get to Three Brothers Coffee and I'm blown away! Nothing but local photography along the walls, huge open windows, a bar that had a line wrapped around it, and the wonderful smell of... stir fry?! The entire place smelled like gourmet coffee and fresh grilled peppers. I began asking the patrons what they liked about Three Brothers and the answers varied from "How can you not like a place like this, just look at it!" To "The coffee here is delicious, the food is great, and it just feels homey". I got all of that when I heard "Ralph the tourist!" as I went up to get my order. I was greeted with smiles, laughs, and tales of what made every customer great to the people at Three Brothers Coffee. 


Service was impeccable. Food was amazing (I recommend the vegetarian breakfast burrito), and the coffee was beautiful. If you're ever in Nashville, and you're having the most "what did I do to deserve this" day, I recommend going to Three Brothers Coffee and just taking it all in; you'll go from squidward to spongebob in no time (That's miserable to joyful for those who missed the joke)!

Supermodel: Cheryl Tiegs

Every Sunday, I thought it would be really cool to share a post about a supermodel who I believed had a great impact on the industry and who embodies every ideal in the title of "supermodel". This Sunday, I thought it'd be great to start with the one and only Cheryl Tiegs!


Cheryl Tiegs has been an iconic figure for pop culture during her time as a supermodel. Her first thrust into the modeling world came as a senior in high school when she appeared in an advertisement in Seventeen Magazine. After that taste of the fashion world, she was scouted for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover but as according to the editor at the time, Jule Campbell, "She was tall and thin and didn't really have a curvy body yet, so I didn't use her. I thought she was very beautiful, but I was going to wait until she grew up and got some curves. The next time I saw her, she had a very fememnine figure." It was that next time that found Cheryl in one of the most talked about shoots at the time and propelled her into the spotlight of being the new "it" girl!



For her famous bathing suit shoot shown above, the Sports Illustrated  team traveled to Brazil and it was hardly an easy matter. The photographer wasn't sure what to do with Cheryl at the time and Cheryl wasn't sure what to do herself. With a request to just "dip in the water", her one piece became transparent and the impact was created. According to Cheryl when asked about the shoot, " To this day I still don't understand the appeal. My hands are at my side, I'm standing straight. When people ask me to autograph it, I sign "with love to so-and-so, Cheryl Tiegs" and I write it over the parts I don't want them to see (laughs )" 

Cheryl Tiegs has a resume as a model that proves her Super  status. She appeared on the cover of  Glamour as well as Seventeen and Elle Magazines all in the same year. She has appeared on the cover of People over 4 times, Time magazine 3 times, and at one point held the record for the highest contract from Cover Girl worth $1.5 million.

Cheryl Tiegs from the beginning captivated the fashion industry with her looks, her personality, and her ability to take on so many personas as a model. More than deserving of being the first model on our Super Model Sunday's list! 

Let me know what you think! Who is your favorite supermodel? Comment below and let me know what you think!