tHE Storyteller BEHIND THE lens

Welcome to the corner, have a seat and enjoy a few stories! 

Coming from what many still consider the fashion capital of the world, New York, Kennyatta Ralph Collins emerged as a voice for the people in his neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Through his adventures in the subways and streets, traversing the paths from New Jersey to New York and back, Kennyatta was baptized in the stories of his surroundings and the way it defined his times; unbeknownst to him however, this is where the seeds of his future would be planted.  

After relocating to the more casual Newnan, GA and taking in new stories along the way, it was at The University of West Georgia that the seeds began to sprout and "Ralph Collins" the photographer would see first light. Choosing to lead with "Ralph" was an homage to his late father who gave him the middle name that he too owned. As a stand in for his photographer friends during a photo shoot, Ralph wow'd his clients and was requested once again. This demand developed into opportunity after opportunity to capture more photographs to articulate a thousand words without ever speaking. The craft was set and now the focus was set; fashion would be his muse and her world would become his new home. It was God's favor that allowed Ralph in his career infancy to work with such pillars of fashion such as Natasha Nyanin, Gale O'Neil who coached him very early on, Dr. Courtney Hammonds, and company's such as Jeffrey Cares, Simon Realty, Ragtrade, Dupont Registry, Porche and more!  

Today, Ralph Collins's passions have exceeded their initial ignition. Through years of collecting and reflecting the stories along his journey, he's compelled to share these stories through the various mediums of photography and their abilities of distribution. While maintaining his robust clientele list and growing his range as a Fashion Photographer, Ralph Collins is working on a solo gallery exhibit to be shown at the beginning of spring entitled "The Hands of God".