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Coming from what many still consider the fashion capital of the world, New York, Kennyatta Ralph Collins emerged as a voice for the people in his neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Now making his mark on the great city of Los Angeles, you're invited to join in on the journey with the photography world's truest eye and intimate storyteller.


SErvices Overview

Today, more than ever, being able to communicate with people from all walks of life is a priority. There are so many cultures, communities, and companies alike that are struggling to tell their story to their audiences, but here, I offer my skills and expertise to achieve that which we've longed for since the beginning of time; to share our stories and to be understood. 


Portraits | Test Shoots

So much is said within the confines of a small frame. Every portfolio requires imagery that can articulate the personality of the model, what they represent, and how far they're willing to go to reach the goals that they've set for themselves. If you're a fresh face, well-established, or beginning a journey, let's give your portfolio an identity that reflects who you are and what you're going to achieve. There is not better time than now! 


Lifestyle | Products

The day-to-day is often seen as mundane and casually looked over. When we look at advertisements and work's of media personalities that is no longer the case. We are wow'd by the very things that we take for granted. What do you have, that deserves a story of it's own? What product, service, or vision do you own that needs to speak for itself? Let's build a catalog of work that will give a strong voice for your audience. 


Commercial | Campaigns

With all the work you've put in to produce and curate your designs, your creations, your garments, you've envisioned a message to go along with it. You've envisioned a feeling that you want to be felt when those clothes are put on. You've envisioned your audience being able to relate to your mission when they see it. Word's will only introduce these things, but the images we create will captivate them along the way. Let's get started!



If you’re a model or a representative of one looking to test the market, inquire here. All inquiries will be addressed, some inquiries will be chosen.


Monthly Packages

With an increase in the need to supply our clients with the best options for their media needs, I've developed a series of packages to ensure the work that I provide will remain consistent as I continue to bring more value to each photography session. In these packages, you will find a host of different amenities to meet the needs of anyone looking to build a career, identity, or business in today's market. We sent emails and surveyed over 35 of our clients and we've added specific value points such as:

  • A Look Account That Replenishes Weekly. This means that every week you will have a set amount of looks credited to you for me to photograph at your discretion. These looks replenish every Sunday to begin the new week.

  • BTS video, Polaroids, and wardrobe use. I utilize the strategic partnerships that I've gained from being here in Los Angeles to bring assets to the table to build a solid and complete concept from idea to execution.  

There are so many more amenities available including Make-Up, SEO development, PR & Image Consultations, and Brand Placement. Schedule your consultation today and book the package that's right for you!



“I would love to shoot with him again!”

This shoot was great! He gave me a lot of feedback which was nice, he really seems to have a passion for this and I would love to shoot with him again! 

— Y.W.

“One of the best shoots I've ever had.”

Kennyatta not only helped me create the vision I saw for my shoot but he brought it to life! One of the best shoots I have ever had. I really look forward to working with him again!

— A.B.

Mr. Collins has THE eye. Simply put. Kennyatta Collins knows how to really connect with his subjects and his clients and bring something out of them that they wouldn't get working with another photographer. 

— Dr. Courtney Hammonds, Academic Program Director, Art Institute of Atlanta


“Everything I wanted and more.”

It was a great experience working with Kennyatta! He was such a joy to be around and made me feel so comfortable on set. As an actress, I hired him to do my head shots and I was blown away at not only the professionalism but the way he helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera. My agents loved the work and I got booked so I love it too! Can't wait to work with him again!

— L.G.


 I am blown away by his evolution as a photographer. Technically speaking, it's clear to me that he understands how to bend shadow and light to create a mood and set a tone. More importantly, his subjects are obviously willing to expose themselves under his gaze. This is what separates a good technician from an artist.

— G.O.


“Stellar, professional service.”

Kennyatta came in and from the moment he stepped on set, commanded such attention and respect from his presence alone. He knew every person by name, he made sure to introduce himself to each and every one of our staff, made sure that everyone had a copy of the call-sheet and storyboard, and sat down with myself and the models to go over what we've discussed and his creative direction for our Spring Summer Campaign. I've never experienced such a dedication to transparency and cooperation while respecting the expertise of every hand on deck. Kennyatta truly is something special. — G.T.

“Phenomenal! ”

I have to say, working with Mr. Collins has been a great experience for me. I hired him to do my comp card as a model and I mean, wow! He was very professional, provided my proofs ahead of schedule, knew exactly what he wanted to capture, was able to walk me through the various agencies I was submitting to and how to tailor my comp card to their preferences and his studio was such a delight. What really pushed the experience over the edge for me was that he made sure there were refreshments for me during the entire shoot and it's little things like that that make all the difference. I know where I will be going next time I need any photos taken.

— S.G.


The Fashion of Melrose pLACE as Seen BY me

The sTREET sTYLE Collection


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